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What is the difference between a PLANNER and a COORDINATOR?

A planner is someone who can help scout out wedding venues and curate the perfect vendor team, as well as plan the details of your day. This planner can be yourself, a team of friends and family or you can hire a professional planner. 

A coordinator is someone who coordinates the details of everything that has been planned. They oversee setup and run the day-of timeline. They are the liaison between the bride and all of her vendors. They are the go-to person for all of the behind the scenes activities and trouble shooting.

If you hire a professional planner, they will also cover your wedding day coordination. If you, friends or family do the planning yourself, then you will want to hire a coordinator to pull together final details and run the logistics of your wedding day.

How many hours of Wedding Day Coordination will I need on wedding day?

Memory Makers requires that we arrive when YOU or your FIRST VENDOR arrives at the venue and to close out the evening with the final venue walk through. This is typically 10-15 hours. We believe we provide the best level of service when we are involved in every moment of the wedding day. Our packages automatically comes with a set number of Wedding Day Coordination hours. Once we develop your final timeline, if Memory Makers will be on-site over the originally set number of hours, $75 per hour will be added to the final payment due. 

How do I know Memory Makers is the right team for me?

Best way is to set up a FREE consultation so we can chat over coffee or tea! We will listen to your dreams and tell you all about the services we offer that match your needs. This will give us both a chance to make sure we gel well together! After our meeting, we'll send you a proposal to review and then we will go from there. ​Click the button at the bottom of the page to request your consultation today!

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