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Top 3 reasons you NEED a Wedding Day Coordinator!

Wedding Day Coordinators are often times the last vendor you work on hiring. Budget has already been stretched and you are asking yourself if you really need one. The short answer is YES! We hear many times from our brides or their family after the wedding that they don't know what they would have done without their Wedding Coordinator and that Memory Makers was worth every penny and more! But why? There are many reasons we are loved by our clients but these are the top 3 reasons you NEED a Wedding Day Coordinator:

1. Be present in every moment!

You should be spending your day laughing with your girls and your honey should be chilling with his guys! Your family should be relaxing and visiting with each other. You, your family, nor your friends should be directing vendors, reviewing set up details or putting out fires that arise (and they do, you just may never know, because we spare you those details)! Your Wedding Coordinator will handle all of these things for you. We will also help guide your guest on where they need to be and keep your entire wedding day on track. You can relax when it's ceremony time because everything happening in front of you will be queued by your Wedding Coordinator. You can focus your entire day on being present and making memories with those who matter most!

2. Provides a sense of calm!

Without a coordinator, ever vendor would be checking in with you as they arrive, asking questions and pulling you out of your moment to review their work before they head out. These interruptions can lead to unnecessary anxiety. It's also very common for your guests to hang out in the lobby, entry area before finding a seat in the ceremony area. If your bridal suite is near by (which it most likely is), this can quickly become loud and disrupt the final moments you are trying to have with your girls. It's great that your guests are laughing and having a great time, but it's probably not what you anticipated as the background of your prayer huddle with your girls. Your Wedding Coordinator is your best friend on wedding day! We will be the liaison with all of your vendors and direct your guests to the ceremony area as quickly as possible. This will help you maintain a sense of calm! At the end of the day, you are going to be tired (a good tired) and your dancing feet may ache a little.... you don't want to have to spend those last moments packing up all the details! No worries, your Wedding Coordinator is a ninja and has already removed trash from the bridal suite and grooms room as well as started to tidy up and gather all of your personal items together so it is a lot easier for family to pack those items up in their cars. We are here for you!

3. Your vendors will be able to showcase the best of their talents!

Your Wedding Coordinator will have already communicated with all of your vendors and provided the day-of timeline. Your vendors will know they can breathe easy when they arrive because they have a contact person. They can focus on what they are experts at and not have the additional role of coordinator on their plate. Your vendors generally operate independently unless there is a Wedding Coordinator who can bring them together as one cohesive team for your big day! I can't tell you how many times we have had the photographer or DJ tell us how glad they are that we are there. Having your Memory Makers Wedding Coordinator allows all of your vendors to showcase their talents and produce exactly what you paid them for. In return, you will have so many great memories from your day!

So don't hesitate! Reach out to Memory Makers today and set up your free consultation! We can wait to hear from you!!


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